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Our selection of flowering plants

Mouse over the photos to learn more about each of our flowering plants

Indoor Plants

Porch Plants 

Grassroots Nursery is your go-to destination for unique plants and great customer service. We strive to provide a personal touch to our customers, offering advice and solutions tailored to their individual needs.  

And learn more about our Perennials, Annuals, Camellias, Gingers, Vines, Palms, Grasses, and BambooTrees, Edibles, Shrubs, Ferns and Ground Cover, Aquatics and Bogs!

Plant availabilities at any given time vary due to seasonal progressions, our inventory capacity, etc. However… special requests/orders are welcome.

If you don’t see it… Just ask!

Easy-Peezie Plants; Ceramic Face Planters to jazz up any place in the home, or on the porch/deck!

  • Calathea Lancifolia

  • aka rattlesnake plant

  • Callisa Repens, aka

  • Pink Panther

  • ZZ plant

  • Sanseviera Varieties

  • Fern varieties

  • Tractor seat plant

  • Fatsia Japonica

  • Swiss Cheese Plant

Our ceramic Face/Head Planters are very fun! From ancient classic faces like Easter Island Moai, Romanesque ‘David’ or a Buddhist image, to the more tranquil face of ‘Andi’ or our tallest, ‘Serenity’ at 22” tall.


You totally affect the look of a face planter by your choice of plant put in it. It is Very Cool!

And…don’t forget about our Halloween Ceramic Jack-O-Lanterns for sale in October!

A Sampling Of Porch Plants and Pots


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