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Our selection of flowering plants

Mouse over the photos to learn more about each of our flowering plants

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Here are but a few of our favorite cultivars of this

 iconic group of plants!


Plant availabilities at any given time vary due to seasonal progressions, our inventory capacity, etc. However… special requests/orders are welcome.

If you don’t see it… Just ask!


  • Don Mac

  • Rosea or Alba Plena

  • Laura Walker

  • Lady Vansittart

  • Kramers Supreme

  • High Fragrance

  • Taylors Perfection

  • Daikagura

  • Professor Sargeant

  • Morning Glow


  • Kanjiro

  • Sparkling Burgundy

  • Mine-No-Yuki

  • Leslie Ann

  • Yuletide



225 SE 135th Terrace, Gainesville, FL, 32641     352.215.7226

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