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Aquatics & Bogs

Grassroots Nursery is your go-to destination for unique plants and great customer service. We strive to provide a personal touch to our customers, offering advice and solutions tailored to their individual needs.  

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Plant availabilities at any given time vary due to seasonal progressions, our inventory capacity, etc. However… special requests/orders are welcome.

If you don’t see it… Just ask!

Even though these thrive in standing water or soggy soils, they still perform well anywhere else in the garden or in moderately moist container soil.

  • Hibiscus, Mallow

  • Swamp, Mallow

  • Bog Sage(Salvia)

  • Horsetail

  • Louisiana Irises

  • Spiral Juncus

  • Lobelia

A Sampling Of Aquatics & Bogs


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