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Blazing star

Blazing star

Liatris spicata/Blazing Star—Are you looking for a hardy perennial to add a bold splash of reliable color and dramatic form to your summer garden?

After the exuberant growth of spring and early summer, our gardens can slow down and sag a bit, especially when extended spells of hot weather set in.

As the low moisture and high heat conditions continue, grasses go into dormancy, new foliage slows to a crawl, and many plants conserve energy by restricting blooms – leaving gardens looking tired and spent.

But there’s a clever way to defy the oppression of summer’s heat:

By planting native species, such as L. spicata.

Commonly called blazing star, gayfeather, or prairie star, L. spicata is a versatile North American plant with plenty of ornamental allure.

Noted for their tall, stately plumes of amethyst or white and delicate grass-like foliage, this durable wildflower appeals to the beginner and experienced gardener alike.

Easy to grow and propagate, it’s a low-maintenance gem that blazes in the dog days of summer while other plants wilt from the heat.

Blooming from mid-summer to autumn, this clump-forming perennial belongs to the Asteraceae, or aster family

The distinctive flower spikes grow 1 to 5 feet tall and are magnets for numerous pollinators including native bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Local and migrating birds will also visit as they enjoy the fruit of fall-ripening seeds.

Roots of L. spicata have long been used by Native Americans for a variety of ailments including the treatment of abdominal pain, colic, snake bite, and swelling.

(( our blazing star is only 5 inches tall right now and filling in nicely . But we only have a limited amount. ))

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