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What color is your Thumb?

Well I guess that depends on what you’re doing at any given time. If you are painting, then whatever color(s) you may be working with. Or if you were making bread, your thumb may be flour white; changing oil on a lawn mower, then black. Or how about just digging in the dirt?? Planting seeds, pulling weeds, harvesting potatoes, or even putting in a new plant in the garden and then nurturing it to prosperity. Well, in this case your thumb is probably brown stained from messing in the soil. But figuratively speaking, you may be in the process of either developing or employing the know how of a Green Thumb.

For some people a Green Thumb comes naturally, and others have to work at it a little harder. But one thing is for sure, there is no elusive mystique regarding the recipe for success with growing plants. For goodness sake, humans have been nurturing plants from the very beginning, and successfully mind you!